Sisters, What A Surprise To Have Paper Bowls At Home!

Whether you are used to fine china cookware or you are one of those people who enjoy having permanent dishes to wash, you’re probably asking what the advantages are to having paper bowls at home. We’ll answer this question, and many more, as we go over how convenient it can be to have paper bowls at home!

paper bowl
paper bowl

According to the experts at Accum, there are many advantages, including convenience, to keeping paper bowls a regular commodity in the home. They can be used for travel eating, such as on field trips, as well as during family banquets where larger amounts of people must be served. Paper bowls also cut down on costs and are highly practical.

There is much more to learn about the convenience of having paper bowls at home! In this article, we will go over the advantages of paper bowls, the uses of paper bowls, and we’ll even answer some other frequently asked questions about them. With so much to cover, let’s get started.

The Advantages of Using Paper Bowls

In our world of social media galleries and cute DIY ideas, it is common to only find paper bowls at a big party or low-budget social gathering. It is even more possible that you’ve never considered keeping paper bowls as a constant item in your kitchen, just like the toaster or your favorite set of mugs.

We’ll show you why this is a sad waste of the incredible resource that having paper bowls at home can be! Below, you’ll find a list of the huge advantages of using paper bowls.

  1. Storage
  2. Easy Cleaning
  3. Cheap
  4. Practical Uses
  5. Travels Well

In each of these categories, paper bowls have something that their ceramic and glass competitors don’t; convenience! In a fast-paced world where having friends and family over to eat should be fun instead of stressful, this is the best benefit of them all. Let’s get an even better appreciation for the advantages of using paper bowls below.


The first reason paper bowls should be a constant inmate of your kitchen cabinets is that they simply fit easily in them! Even if you are in a small apartment or your kitchen has limited cabinet space, paper bowls are known for being easily stored.

paper bowl
paper bowl

This is thanks to one thing: paper bowls are typically quite thin. Although paper bowls are created to be resistant to heat and durable enough to hold heavy and often boiling foods, they’re still made of paper! The term “paper-thin” aids in the easy storage of these bowls.

With ceramic, glass, or even plastic bowls, stacking them inside of one another usually has it’s limitations. The more of these you cram into a tower, the harder they are to remove from a cabinet; there is even a risk of breaking them!

With most brands of paper bowls, however, you can stack as many as 36 together, taking up the space that only one, 1.5-inch bowl made of ceramic might take. Think about it; that is a party well over twenty people who can not only be easily accommodated, but even go back for seconds with a clean paper bowl, and you can keep them safely stored away!

2.Easy Cleaning

Speaking of clean paper bowls, there is a misconception that paper bowls are single-use only. This means that even if they are easily stored, as proven above, they may not last long. This could lead to you wondering what the point is of keeping your kitchen well-stocked with paper bowls.

paper bowl
paper bowl

To fix this, we’ll clear up that misconception: you actually can clean your paper bowls. As long as they are cleaned with hot water and dish soap, removing bacteria from residual food, they can be reused. It is important not to wash paper bowls in the dishwasher, though. That being said, you can probably only lengthen a paper bowl’s life from one to two, or at the most, three uses.

This is because the majority of paper bowl brands have some resistance to heat, but will eventually melt under repeated hot water washings. Without the hot water, though, it would not be safe to eat out of a bowl that has already been used; therefore, you can carefully apply hot water to a paper bowl at least twice when washing before having to throw it away.

This point leads us to another delightful advantage to using paper bowls; they can simply be discarded in a recycling bin if you don’t want to bother with washing them at all! Therefore, cleaning up after a family banquet or big party is as easy as going around the party area with a trash bag to collect leftover bowls, and you’re done. No more long hours over the sink.


Another excellent reason to use paper bowls constantly in your kitchen is that they are much cheaper than buying a full, matching set of glass, ceramic, or even plastic bowls. You can purchase several paper bowls, including up to 70 of them, for as little as $7, on average.

The beauty of this is that paper bowls are, as we’ve discussed, so valuable to keep in the kitchen compared to how much they cost. Replenishing your stock will be barely noticeable on even the tightest of budgets.

4.Practical Uses

Speaking of value, the uses for paper bowls are much more varied than a regular ceramic, plastic, or glass bowl. Of course, the best of paper bowls are made to withstand incredible heat so you can enjoy hot meals such as soup, chowder, chili, rice dishes, and more. They can also handle the cold of ice cream, and will not tear easily while eating.

In addition to performing the usual function of a bowl, however, a paper bowl has the benefit of being used for other things, too. For example, if you need a dustpan and yours breaks, you can easily grab a pair of scissors, cut a paper bowl in half, and you’ve got a homemade dustpan! That’s something you can’t do with a plastic bowl.

You can also use a paper bowl as a splatter guard for your microwave; simply place it on top of the food in a plate or other bowl before starting the microwave and you’ll need to do very little cleanup afterward.

Paper bowls don’t have to only be used by humans, either. They can be used to supply an easily-disposable bowl for dogs and other pets that need a quick drink.

Of course, the most practical use of all is the sheer number of people you can serve with paper bowls. Any family gathering or holiday can be much simpler with a healthy supply of paper bowls. As previously mentioned, your guests can use the paper bowls and leave you with no dishes after a long period of hosting!

5.Travels Well

Finally, one of the greatest advantages of keeping your cupboards stocked with paper bowls is how well they travel. If you have a child’s field trip or special occasion to travel for, your packed snacks might be limited without the use of a bowl. Taking ceramic or glass bowls can, unfortunately, leave you with a high risk of broken bowls.

However, paper bowls travel well. Not only will they not break, but they are great for packing foods in, taking up very little space in a lunchbox or picnic basket.

In Conclusion

To sum it all up, having paper bowls at home is a huge advantage. They travel well, they’re cheap to buy in bulk, they are easy to clean up after, and of course, they are easy to store! Make sure your kitchen is full of paper bowls for field trips and family banquets alike.

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