Do Different Coffee Grinders Affect Taste? (Solved)

As any coffee enthusiast should know, the grinder is a critical piece of equipment needed to make coffee. However, more than just being the way you make coffee fine enough for extraction, there are other aspects we need to consider. One of these aspects is whether or not a grinder can influence and affect the coffee’s taste, and below, we discuss this question in detail.


Coffee grinders can affect the taste of your coffee in more than one way, and it can significantly vary depending on the type of grinder you use. The coffee taste can get altered by the grind consistency of a grinder, the fineness a grinder can produce, and even the heat generated during grinding.


As you can see above, there is more than one way your grinder can affect the taste of your next cup of coffee, which is why you must choose the right one. However, to fully understand why the grinder you use can affect the taste of your coffee, you must first understand how these grinders work and how it affects the grind. Below we discuss the two grinder types, how they affect the taste, and more.

Coffee machine
Coffee machine

What Are The Two Grinder Types?

If you have ever attempted to make coffee at home or worked in a coffee shop, you should know that there are two different types of coffee grinders. However, knowing the types of grinders and understanding how they work are two separate things, which is why we explain both the blade and burr grinder in detail below.


How A Blade Grinder Works

Blade grinders are usually the first type of grinder a coffee enthusiast will get for home use, and this is because they are generally considerably cheaper than their burr counterparts. These grinders use two or more rotating blades to chop and cut the coffee beans to produce ground coffee, though you may need to use it for longer to make finer coffee grounds.

Coffee machine
Coffee machine

How A Burr Grinder Works

Burr grinders are usually much more expensive than blade grinders since they get regarded as the more efficient grinder type. Though there are two burr grinders, they both work similarly by directing the coffee beans between two hard surfaces and crushing them to your desired fineness.


This coffee grinder allows you to choose your preferred coffee fineness before you start grinding, enabling it to be much more consistent and often faster than a blade grinder.


How Does The Grinder You Use Affect The Coffee Taste?

Now that we understand how the two types of grinders work, it’s time to discuss in more detail how they can affect the taste of your coffee. It is imperative to note that not every grinder has the same potential to change the taste of your coffee, which is why we will state which grinders are more likely to cause these issues.

Coffee machine
Coffee machine

Grind Consistency

The first way your grinder can affect the taste of your coffee is by grinding to a varying size. Inconsistent grind sizes are much more prevalent with a blade grinder than a burr grinder, though a dull burr grinder can also cause this problem.


When your coffee isn’t ground to the same size throughout, it means that some parts of your coffee will over-extract while others under-extract, which is a very inefficient way to make coffee. As a result, coffee that isn’t ground consistently can often have either bitter or acidic notes that can make the coffee-drinking experience completely unsatisfactory.


Moreover, inconsistent grind sizes can cause your coffee to take longer or extract much faster, depending on the inconsistency. If you want to make good coffee every time and have the same results, you need to ensure your ground coffee is consistent.


Grind Fineness

Though this may somewhat tie into the grind consistency, the grind size or fineness deserves another discussion. If you want to make espresso, you will probably have a lot of trouble if your grinder cannot grind fine enough for your machine. In the same way, if you wish to grind coffee for a French press, you need a grinder that can maul the coffee on a coarse enough setting.


Considering this, it is not unlikely for some to have more than one grinder or a grinder with a much more comprehensive range of grinding capabilities. If you grind your coffee too fine or too coarse for your brewing method, you can cause under-extraction, over-extraction, or may end up with coffee grinds in your last sip.

Heat Generated During Grinding

The last way your grinder can affect the taste of your coffee is by the heat generated during the grinding process. Though you may not think it, the taste of coffee can taste due to minute circumstances such as a change in altitude or a few seconds longer in the roaster, which is why you must avoid any heat during the grinding process as much as possible.


Blade grinders are much more likely to change the taste of your coffee due to the heat generated during the grinding process since it often takes longer than a burr grinder. However, if you need to grind large amounts of coffee through a burr grinder, this may also result in heat that burns the ground coffee, causes bitter or burnt tastes, or causes varying extraction times.


Can You Taste The Difference Between Different Grinders?

Considering all we have discussed, can you taste when your coffee gets ground with a premium burr grinder compared to a different non-premium grinder?


Yes, if you are a coffee connoisseur and only drink the same beans, made the same way, and with no other change in variables, you can taste the difference when you use a high-quality burr grinder. However, even an average coffee drinker that doesn’t pay too much attention to the taste of coffee can notice the difference when they use a bad grinder, as this may seriously affect the taste.


Generally speaking, the most noticeable change you may experience by using less effective grinders is that your coffee will not be consistent. The time it takes to pull an espresso may differ, or the coffee will taste slightly different every time you grind new beans. This problem is of much more serious concern for coffee shops that need consistency when making coffee-based drinks.



The coffee grinder you use when making your coffee can change how your coffee tastes and is even more noticeable when you make a lot of coffee as you would in a coffee shop. Considering all the above, the best way to get excellent and consistent coffee is by using a sharp burr grinder, which is also the key to avoiding most of the issues a cheaper or blade grinder may have.Of course, regarding kitchen food, you can refer to my other article


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